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Rock Island Hotel Visit Beautiful Rock Island and chose from the many accommodations available at Rock Island Hotels. Read the Rock Island Hotel guide below to find the right room for your needs whether that be luxury accommodations, convenience, or value lodging.

Rock Island Hotels

Rock Island Hotels

Rock Island hotels provide comfortable lodging to travelers seeking a rich blend of attractions and amusements. The island has a number of attractions that cater to diverse tastes. If you are thinking of making Rock Island your next vacation destinations, you are in for a treat, as it has parks, conservatories, a heritage center, a zoo, gardens, museums, and much more. There is one Rock Island hotel inside the city center and various Rock Island hotels in the surrounding area that offer comfortable accommodations that will make your vacation a truly memorable one.

Information regarding the island’s sights and attractions are available in all the Rock Island hotels. You can even find information regarding local shopping and dining options from your Rock Island Hotel. Here is just a taste of the wonderful treats waiting for you to explore on Rock Island.

Downtown district of Rock Island When you leave your Rock Island hotel and head downtown, you will immediately see the historic architecture that surrounds the area. There are shops, coffeehouses, casinos, entertainment centers, clubs, restaurants, and much more for you to choose from, so even when you don’t feel like taking a long sightseeing trip you can just head out of your Rock Island hotel, go downtown, and participate in a variety of activities which are unique to the area.

Architectural and historic tours of Rock Island If you are interested in history and architecture, then head out of your Rock Island hotel to the main circulation desk of the Rock Island public library kiosk. The kiosk offers various brochures which contain walking tours where you can see historic buildings and learn about the rich history behind them. Information about these tours is also available in the various Rock Island hotels; if you enjoy history, these walking tours are not to be missed.

Rock Island Parks Plan a day trip from your Rock Island hotel to one of the many nearby parks. You can choose among various options and have a nice day relaxing while enjoying a picnic in the sun. One of the famous parks is Ben Willamson Park, which offers canoes, rowboats, kayaks, and picnic areas. Rock Island’s famous backwater gamblers water ski show is held here; the schedule and other information is easily available from Rock Island hotels. Another park you should visit is the Longview Park, which offers an eighteen-hole golf course, ice skating, a water park, a conservatory, flower gardens, and much more. Check with your Rock Island hotel staff regarding information about the water park in Longview Park, as it is open only in the summer.

Quad City Art Gallery If you are an art lover, then this is the place you should visit. This gallery offers performances and programs in visual, performing, literary, and public art. Quad City Art Gallery also offers performances by internationally acclaimed performers – be sure to ask at your Rock Island hotel for information about the current programs and performances in the gallery.

Rock Island is a perfect getaway for anyone, since it offers varied attractions for tourists. Pick any Rock Island hotel and you are offered a chance to have a comfortable and relaxing stay close to the varied points of interest that will help make your vacation a fun-filled experience you will remember for years to come.

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